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Cultural Dates
(for Ages 25-29)

Spend a quiet evening listening to beautiful music. Pick out some of the classics. Then sit back and enjoy. For variety, put together a dessert fondue.

Rent the video "Music and Lyrics" (2007). Then try to write a song together. Choose a familiar tune, then add your own lyrics.

Select a play. Bring enough scripts, props and costumes (everyone can bring something). If there are more parts than people, no problem. Video tape the play. If you have enough people, select more than one play and have a competition.

Visit a museum or historical site. Arrange to take a guided tour. Often, museums offer headphones and/or a brochure for a self-guided tour.

Attend a good local stage production (university, high school, community, church, or theater group). Check your local paper's entertainment section for alternatives. Go afterwards for a light snack or dessert.

Pick a type of music you don’t usually listen to and go listen to a live performance. Take note of the people there who enjoy it. Try to listen through their ears. The local newspaper's entertainment section is a good place to look for venues.

Find a concert which features the works of a renowned composer. Prior to the performance, research that composer together, his/her life history and works. Attend a concert containing his/her works, then return home to refreshments and a discussion about the concert and how you were affected.

If you live close to a zoo, spend a whole day there. See if you can name the native countries of animals. Check to see if your zoo has geocache sites to test your treasure hunting skills. Bring your siblings or other relatives to learn about how your date interacts with children.

Attend an art show. Study each artist's creation and try to understand his feelings and symbolism. You could go to an art gallery, an art exhibit at a local college, an art museum, or perhaps an art fair. If you are visiting a museum, you can often receive materials for a self-guided tour to gain greater insights to the art and artists. At an art fair, you can talk directly with the artist.

Have a cultural progressive dinner. Eat an appetizer at the first house (Italian ice to cleanse the pallet), soup at the second (Chinese egg-drop soup), main course at a third home (Mexican fiesta with tacos and beans), and dessert at the last home (French pastries). To add additional authenticity, add music and decorations at each location.

Take a dance class and learn a new dance. Classes are offered through private dance studios, local recreation departments, churches, and schools. Dance lessons are also available online. Or invite an instructor to teach your group. Remember, practice makes perfect, but it takes perseverance.

Go to church together. If you are both religious, take your date to your church and then go to your date's church the next week. Before you attend, ask about what happens during the service, and what you need to know. What is the appropriate dress? How long does the service last? Who is responsible for the service? Do members of the congregation participate? Be sensitive and seek to understand.

Get a travel guidebook for your city (library or a bookstore). Visit attractions that are off the beaten path (or that you have never seen). A guidebook may also contain self-guided walking tours that are fun and interesting. Or get a guidebook for a nearby city and make a day trip there. Plan to grab lunch at an outdoor café.

Share your talents with one another. Sit your date down and play him/her a musical number. Then have him/her share one of his/her talents with you.

Attend a summer rodeo. Almost every big city has a rodeo, and in some places, even high schools compete. Check the internet to find an event. Wear jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat. You don't have to wear boots and hat, if you don't have them, but you can check out the local thrift store.

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