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Family Activities
(for Ages 25-29)

Visit a business that stays open at a time you can go (a newspaper, radio station, grocery store, and so on), and learn about that kind of work.

Decorate a basket or vase, then fill it with wild flowers. Place the flowers on someone's porch who needs cheering up. Leave an anonymous note with some words of encouragement.

Go fly a kite. If you want to build it from scratch, get a book at the library or look up instructions on the internet.

Pick wildflowers and take them to a shut in. Spend time to visit.

Visit a cemetery. Read epitaphs, observe art and architecture, imagine aspects of the deceased persons' lives. Talk about your own ancestors. Please be respectful of other visitors.

Have a letter-writing night when everyone writes a letter to a community leader, a missionary, or a relative.

Bottle fruit or make jam.

Watch church videos together. Afterwards, talk about your thoughts and feelings.

Plan and prepare a special family night for a number of families, complete with a lesson, games, and treats.

Make a meal for the missionaries.

Have a family history night. Learn how to do family history research or to write a personal history. A great resource is a local genealogy club or a family history center located at select Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints buildings (free).

Depending on the size of the river or stream and the local ordinances, raft, canoe, or tube down a river on a summer afternoon.

Peruse through family albums, slides, or movies. Try to identify each other in childhood pictures.

Go treating (instead of trick-or-treating) on Halloween. Take treats to friends and neighbors, while dressed up in costumes.

Bake homemade bread. While it's baking, play games. Then spread a blanket out on the floor and eat the bread with butter and honey while it is still warm.

Visit a friend in the hospital. Make get well cards from construction paper. Write original poems, funny verses, words of encouragement, etc.

Go to a church party, activity, or show.

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