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Ideas for Asking
(for Ages 25-29)

Send the following note: Genesis 2:18 reminds us that" It is not good that a man should be alone...." "Would you join me for next week's dance?"

A cute way to ask someone you don't know well to a dance is to buy the Ice Breaker gum and put it all over their room with a sign that says "I think Prom would be a good ice breaker, will you go with me?"

Give a recording to you potential date with a note that says "Your mission should you decide to take it, is to find the coded message. This message will destruct after you have listened to it." Copy a ton of boring songs onto the tape and in the middle of it somewhere, ask him/her out. Make sure he/she has to listen to a lot of music before finding your message.

Buy DOZENS of "Swedish Fish" gummy candies, (individually wrapped) and put them all over his/her room. (I don't mean just a couple, I'm talking he/she'll be having fishes turn up in odd places MONTHS after the dance.. in drawers, between sheets, in shoes, etc.) Make a poster decorated with fish that says: "If fishes were wishes and you had three, Would one of them be to go to the dance with me?"

Serenade your potential date.

Make a large message with sidewalk chalk on his/her street. Draw a path and put a word about every 25 feet. Call and ask them to take a walk outside and follow the path. Use your best voice disguise.

For a special occasion, try a treasure hunt--complete with clues hidden in the apartment building, around campus, or inside his/her apartment

Go out to his/her car while he/she is in class or at work and fill the car with balloons. Include a note or a posterboard, asking him/her out.

Get an old clock that runs on batteries and has an alarm. Attach a note saying something like "If you have the time, would you like to go out with me?" Then set the alarm for about a minute later than the time you will drop it off and leave it on their porch or by their window at night.

Kidnap a personal item (like a teddy bear or basketball shoes) and leave a ransom note made from cut up newspapers & magazines saying: "Your [whatever] has been kidnapped. If you ever wish to see it again, go to [dance/date] with me or leave $2,500,000.00 in small bills [in a designated area]."

Write your message with each word of the message on a separate piece of paper. Put each piece inside a balloon, and leave the balloons for your potential date with the message "your invited to a popping good time. Pop all the balloons for the details."

The guy that asked me to a dance is really athletic, and especially loves soccer. He had a game that night, and before a game, the team asks girls to wear their soccer jerseys, and he asked me to wear his. That night I wore his jersey to the game, and I watched him play. At the end of his game, he walked across the soccer field with a huge bouquet of my favorite flowers, and a t-shirt that he made that said " ----, will you go to the ------ with me?" And on the back, it said," Please say yes!"

Get a fortune cookie and take the fortune out of it and put in your own fortune that says will you go to.... with me? The easiest way to get the fortune out is to take tweezers and just pull it out and then put the new one in the same way.

Get a small cake pan and fill it with water. Laminate your message, and when the water is partly frozen, put the it in the middle. When it is frozen, frost it to look like a cake. They will try to eat it and will have to wait for it to melt. :)

Write your invitation in a foreign language. Give your potential date the invitation and the foreign language dictionary (or web address) for translation.

Get a bunch of your friends that have a boyfriend or girlfriend and plan an day at the amusement park. Then go up to the girl or guy and say "A bunch of us are going to _________. I was wondering if you wanted to go with us (or me)." There's smaller chance of those awkward silences because there are a bunch of friends. NOTE: This works the best if the person you're asking out knows everyone. Also make sure everyone that goes is coupled (that way you can be together and there are no single friends to mess up your chances).

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