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Lunch Dates
(for Ages 25-29)

Have a picnic at the beach on a nice sunny day. You can also play football or volleyball on the beach.

Go hiking or take a nature walk. Local city, state or national parks almost always have hiking and nature trails. Throw some drinks and a lunch in a backpack to eat along the way.

Rent a boat and have lunch on the lake.

Organize a pot luck lunch. Guys bring salads, drinks, and desserts. Girls bring the main course and rolls. For variations, designate a type of cuisine (Japanese, Italian, French, Indian, etc.), or seasonal (Christmas, Easter, winter, summer picnic, etc.). Have each person bring a group game or activity, that you can play together.

Have a contest who can make the best tasting lunch using Ramen noodle soup as a "main" dish. Put a limit on buying additional ingredients. Share each others' creations.

Sponsor a Hobo lunch. Everyone brings one can of stew and dresses like a hobo. Put the cans directly in a fire, but make sure to open the lid first (or the can explodes). Or put all of the stew together in a big pot, and cook it over a fire. Eat from the emptied cans with plastic spoons.

Go to a cemetery and take flags and flowers to friends, servicemen, relatives, or graves that have no one to care for them. Afterwards, go for a walk and have a picnic.

Take your date to rent a bicycle built for two. Ride down to the lake and rent a paddleboat. Once you are out in the middle, have a picnic lunch.

Have a pizza delivered with a note attached (directions to a meeting place for lunch).

Buy some fruit with your date and go visit your grandparents and/or friends. Bring sack lunches for a picnic afterwards. You could also invite your friends or your grandparents to join you as guests. Pack enough lunches so that you can give out lunches to less fortunate drifters or homeless individuals you may encounter at a freeway exit.

Go skiing (cross-country or downhill). Pack a lunch and a thermos with hot chocolate.

Send your date on a scavenger hunt starting with 20 or so balloons, each with a piece of the first clue inside. Your date will have to pop each balloon and then piece together the puzzle which leads to the next clue. Have the last clue lead to a park where you can have they find you waiting for a picnic.

Barbeque kabobs on the grill. Ask couples to bring a dish to pass. Put on some music and enjoy socializing.

Have a picnic lunch on a floating dock.

Have a treasure hunt on bikes. Each clue leads to a spot which has food you gather for a picnic. Make the clues challenging but not impossible. By the time you reach the picnic site you will have gathered all the food you need for the meal. For larger groups, this could be designed as a car rally.

Plan and carry out a lunch date. Try a theme (progressive, ethnic, a little off the wall, etc). Don't be afraid to be creative.

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