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Unusual Dates
(for Ages 25-29)

Get five or six couples together and paint a garage or a house for a neighbor or someone needy. Afterwards, roast hotdogs and sing songs around a fire in a park or in the mountains.

Put together a list of simple projects (i.e. rake leaves, sweep the floor, wash the dishes, vacuum the carpet, etc.). Have competition to see who can perform the complete list quickest. BUT you have to do these acts for a neighbor AND only one action per household (if you have 5 items on your list, you need to do service at 5 different homes). The winning couple gets a certificate or ribbon.

Make quilts for babies in less privileged homes. A simple quilt can be made using a soft fabric (fleece or flannel), cutting 3 inch parallel lines (one inch apart) down both sides. Finish the quilt by tying knots on each strip of fabric.

Start at your date's house. Before you get to an intersection, flip the coin. Heads you turn right; tails you turn left. Use this technique to decide where to go to dinner (you stop at the first restaurant as determined by the flip of a coin).

Shovel snow off of someone's sidewalk and driveway. It's best if you can do it before they wake up.

Go to the stock car races.

Get involved in your community and meet new people by participating in a campaign together. Your help will be needed and appreciated. You will gain a better understanding of public service sector.

Gather a box of select valuable articles you don't want. Trade boxes, go to your local pawn shop and try to sell each other's items to the dealer. Take your earnings and go out to dinner.

Dress up like Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and visit the little neighborhood children.

Drive to an empty field, face cars inward in a circle, turn all the radios to the same station and have a dance.

Kidnap your dates before sunrise and only let them put on shoes (or slippers!) and a coat with their PJ's. Have a picnic breakfast around a campfire at a nearby campground (bagels, fruit, cereal, and juice). Get permission beforehand from parents or roommates.

Donate blood together. Afterwards, enjoy some good conversation over cookies and juice.

Rent or borrow a gas or electric generator, then spend the evening on the side of a mountain watching television or listening to a stereo while enjoying the view.

Play croquet with a twist (in the wintertime or at night with flashlights).

Visit your local antique store. If you have enough time, buy an antique and restore it together (this may take several dates). After you finish it, give it to your date as a gift.

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